Allaire Energy Retreat



Two days of inspiration, collaboration, and innovation came to life as Allaire Health Services hosted an extraordinary overnight retreat for administrators, DONs, and top-tier staff. The event served as a beacon of the organization’s commitment to Revolutionize Care Delivery™.

At the heart of this gathering was a captivating panel discussion that explored the osmotic power that bridges the worlds of hospitals and long-term care facilities. Distinguished leaders, including our own visionary Ben Kurland, Carol Vargas (VP of Integrated Care, Atlantic Health System), Ronald Reynolds (President, UPMC Muncy and Lock Haven), and Pamela Duchene (VP of Patient Care Services and Chief Nursing Officer, Southwestern Vermont Health Care), enlightened us about holistic and patient-centered care.

Guided by the belief that true leadership encompasses emotional intelligence, an EQ Workshop took center stage. Participants delved into the realm of Emotional Intelligence, recognizing its pivotal role in effective leadership and its profound impact on patient outcomes.

Laughter, camaraderie, and a dash of healthy competition marked the Team Building Cook-Off and the exhilarating All In Volleyball Championship Game. These activities underscored the importance of synergy and collaboration in achieving transformative healthcare goals.

The pinnacle of the retreat was the Awards Dinner and Ceremony, a special evening that celebrated excellence and dedication. The unveiling of the “Allaire Wall of Fame” honored exceptional individuals who embody the organization’s core values and have made remarkable contributions to the realm of healthcare.

As we return from the refreshing experience, we carry forward the spirit of unity, innovation, and compassion that defines Allaire Health Services. With each stride taken, we move closer to a future where care knows no boundaries and where excellence is the standard.