About Us

Allaire Health Services is comprised of five magnificent facilities in the tri-state area. By caring for our residents as family members, we ensure your family member receives the gentle, professional, and effective care that he or she needs to heal. As the leading healthcare services provider in our communities, we recognize the unique responsibility we hold to not only provide top-quality care to our residents, but to serve as role models for corporate responsibility and societal advancement for these areas. Positively impacting the lives of our patients, employees, management staff, and communities at large is not only our promise, but our privilege.

Our facilities are more than places of healing: they are a new family for your loved one to bond with, laugh with, and regain their strength with. We understand the importance of aesthetics and comfort to the healing process, and so we maintain an extremely high standard for our facilities and staff. Providing cutting-edge clinical programs and services in a magnificent setting, administered by industry professionals who not only treat, but genuinely care, is the golden equation that yields the ultimate result: the wellbeing of your loved one.

As the corporate heart of the Allaire Health Services name, we promise to ensure that your loved one will receive the compassionate care they need, on facility grounds they enjoy, from staff members they’ll never forget. While quality care is hard to define, it’s easy to recognize. By training our employees and managerial staff to take our core values of respect, attentiveness, and skill to heart, the final result is a world-class experience for your loved one. We invite you to explore our facilities and programs and discover the perfect home-away-from-home.


Doesn’t your loved one deserve:

A forward-thinking facility that offers a vast array of modern therapies and treatments? Top-notch customer service that emphasizes treating the person, not the ailment? Unprecedented healthcare without compromising on aesthetics? Competent, friendly, and professional staff members attending to their every need? A home where care first, ask questions later is more than a policy – it’s a culture?

This is our mission – as well as our promise.

Revolutionizing Care DeliveryTM



“Whenever I walk in I can’t help but feel the warmth and caring of Allaire’s staff. It’s no wonder the residents are happy. The positive feeling is contagious.
Thank you Allaire!”

- Yocheved S.


“The staff were highly attentive to my needs and after being admitted in bad shape I walked out on my own two feet fully recovered! From the moment I came to Allaire I knew I was in the right place.”

- Walter S.


“The experience at Allaire has been wonderful. The personal are exceptional and caring. if you have a problem this is the place to come to.”

- Burton S.


“Great facility, very nice staff, clean, and friendly. The facility and all the staff members attend to all the residents needs and make them as comfortable as possible.”

- Brandy T.


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